Russell's Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon

As far as Kentucky Bourbon distiller's are concerned, it's hard to go wrong with the juice that the good folks at Wild Turkey churn out. That's why Russell's Reserve Single Barrel should be high on your radar, even before you take a sip. Of course, once you do have a taste you'll be treated to a bold, spicy, non-chill filtered dram of bourbon that Master Distiller Jimmy Russell is proud to lend his name to. It makes no apologies at 110 proof — but still manages to maintain an impressive balance between the sugar and barrel notes.

  • Orphan Barrel Old Blowhard Bourbon

    With the bourbon whiskey market booming, there isn't a shortage of new labels hitting shelves looking to grab a slice of the growing pie. Some are easy to overlook, but there is no overlooking Old Blowhard from Orphan Barrel Whiskey. This brand new offering is 26-years-old and was found in old warehouses at the Stitzel-Weller facility in Louisville, a distillery best known as the original home of Pappy Van Winkle bourbons. It might not have the same demand as a bottle of Pappy, but Old Blowhard is already one of the best new releases of 2014.

  • Evan Williams Single Barrel Bourbon

    One of the first bourbon releases of 2014 also happens to be one we look forward to the most every year, Evan Williams Single Barrel. This is the 19th annual release of the world-renowned spirit, spending 10 years aging in barrels. It's also become a tradition to find that each bottle is marked with the exact date the liquid was placed into the barrel and then bottled. Inside each hand numbered bottle is a sweet, smooth bourbon with flavors like maple syrup, toffee and mint. A bottle this great usually costs you an arm and a leg, but at under 30 bucks, you might want to buy more than one.

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