RZR Razor

Meant for men only, the RZR Razor takes the modern razor and strips it down to its essentials. In place of a flexible body or ball-like joint, it relies on your brain and wrist to follow the contours of your face, with the premium-quality metal alloy blades placed on the opposite side of what you're used to for greater control and comfort. It has no moving parts and a titanium handle, and is thus meant to last a lifetime — and it has the warranty to prove it. For added personalization, engraving is available.

  • DGC Kitchen Sink Grooming Kit

    Gathering together every bathroom essential in a single package, the Detroit Grooming Company Kitchen Sink Grooming Kit includes everything you need to look your best no matter your style. Included in the pack are half-ounce canisters of pomade, beard butter, and moustache wax, plus similarly-sized grooming oils in five different scents. You also get three one-ounce bottles of combination shampoo and body wash in tea tree, lavender, and peppermint, and to make sure everything's in its place, a credit-card stainless steel comb that doubles as a bottle opener. Kitchen sink, indeed.

    Presented by Detroit Grooming Co.

  • OneBlade Razor

    At a glance, the OneBlade Razor looks like a classic safety razor. Look closer, however, and you'll find a host of details that help it give an incredibly precise shave. The perfectly-weighted hollow handle is crafted from German stainless steel using metal injection molding technology, allowing them to be built at tolerances of just 0.05mm. It has a modern "floating" head, a hidden Teflon-coated spring to limit the amount of pressure you can apply, and uses high-quality blades made in Japan by Feather, resulting in an incredibly close, smooth shave while eliminating nicks and irritation. And when you're done, the included solid steel base holds it off the counter while highlighting its sleek, display-worthy design.

    Presented by OneBlade.

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