Sake Making Kit

Home brewing is nothing new — it's not unusual at this point to have a friend or two brewing up their own ale. But what abour sake? With this Sake Making Kit, you can get started making your own Japanese rice wine right in your own kitchen. The kit includes everything you need to brew multiple one-gallon batches of the stuff (except for white raisins and sugar), featuring a one-gallon glass jug, a siphon, tubing, an airlock, yeast, steeping bags, a fermenting bucket, and, of course, short-grain polished rice. Homemade sushi kit not included.

  • Flare Pans

    There are plenty of pots and pans out there that promise faster cook times and more even heating — but none of them feature technology designed by an actual rocket scientist. Surrounded by unique fins that effectively channel heat upwards from your cook top, these Flare Pans heat up quicker while cooking your food faster and more evenly. Able to cook as much as 44% faster than standard cookware, these pots and pans are made from highly-conductive cast aluminum. Choose from a saucepan, a lidded stockpot, and frying pans in two sizes, or buy them in a set and experience the benefits of speedier, more uniform cooking.

  • Borough Furnace Skillets

    It's tough to beat a cast iron skillet in terms of culinary versatility — you can use the same piece of cookware for anything from searing a steak to frying potatoes, and just about anything in between — and they're guaranteed to last for generations to come, while getting better with each use. Borough Furnace Skillets are each individually cast from nothing but recycled iron (they take as much as eight weeks to deliver one lovingly-crafted skillet), so you don't have to worry about their quality. Each one comes pre-seasoned, and sports a long handle that stays cool to the touch, so all you have to think about is the next meal you're going to cook.

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