Salt Skateboards

Modern skateboarding as we know it came from surfing — after the waves went out, surfers would carve the asphalt just trying to pass the time — so it only makes sense that a surfboard company would bring us skateboards that harness the spirit of the surf. Salt Skateboards are made from two layers of walnut veneer sandwiching a layer of maple veneer, giving them all the strength of hardwood while maintaining enough flexibility to maneuver. The tail kicks up slightly giving you excellent control when you're carving, so you get the feel of moving through the waves even on land.

  • Lujac Desautel Glass Yacht

    Ever have trouble remembering which yacht is yours after a night out in Monaco? That won't be a problem with the Lujac Desautel Glass Yacht. Built atop a SWATH (Small Water-Plane Area Twin Hull) and inspired by skyscrapers, this stunning watercraft features three block-like volumes stacked on top of each other, with an internal elevator to move between floors, connecting all the different areas of the boat. And while the design itself is sleek and smart — the aft deck lowers itself into the water for access to tenders and other craft — the mirror-like glass exterior ensures you'll always look as good as the ocean itself.

  • Cylo One Bike

    If you were designing the perfect urban bike, what would it feature? A lightweight frame? A powerful headlight? A simple paint scheme? Well, the Cylo One Bike offers all of that and more. Featuring a clean design that integrates everything into the frame, this urban bike boasts dynamo-powered LED lights — including a bright brake light to help keep you from getting hit from behind — a Gates carbon belt drive to reduce noise and help keep your legs clean, elongated fenders to keep you dry, and your choice of a poppy red, white, or black paint job.

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