Samsung Dex Desktop Dock

Amongst the features of the new Galaxy S8 is one you won't discover until you park it on your desk. The Samsung Dex Desktop Dock allows it — and presumably future Samsung phones — to become an Android-based desktop, connecting to an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse for a more versatile experience. Thanks to partnerships with Microsoft and Adobe, you get access to versions of apps like Microsoft Office and Lightroom that simply aren't possible with a touch interface, while keeping all the versatility and mobility that comes with having a computer in your pocket.

  • Steadicam Volt

    You've heard of the Steadicam, the original camera stabilization technology that revolutionized Hollywood. Now the same name is ready to revolutionize your videos with the Steadicam Volt. Turning you into a regular Kubrick, the Volt is a handheld smartphone and tablet stabilizer that weighs in at only one pound and is totally collapsible. It uses haptic feedback, which simulates the feeling of inertia to allow users to film with extreme precision. Users can shoot in Sport mode for fast movements, and Movie mode for more leeway when creating cinematic-like movements. Volt is Bluetooth enabled, syncs with any smartphone, and is equipped with rechargeable batteries that provide up to 8-hours of life on a full charge.

    Presented by Steadicam.

  • Flter Secure Router

    If you aren't concerned about your privacy online, then you haven't been paying attention to the news. But figuring out how to protect yourself without going off the grid isn't easy. Flter Secure Router is an option to help give you peace of mind no matter what device you're using. It provides VPN protection, malicious ad blocking, and Tor anonymity, and sits between your modem and router, so you don't have to install extra software. You also get full peer to peer support, unlimited bandwidth, and can operate Flter entirely from the app or web interface.

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