Samsung H7 Wireless Speaker

There's a reason turntables and CDs are still around: no matter how good wireless audio gets, it has a hard time competing with wired, high-res sources. The Samsung H7 Wireless Speaker uses new UHQ technology to upscale any incoming audio to 32bit output, resulting in lifelike music no matter the source. The speaker itself is impressive, with a bass response going down to 35Hz, algorithms that work to cut down on distortion, and a "wide-band" tweeter that expands the sweet spot. Dual wheels offer control of volume and streaming services, Bluetooth support is unconfirmed but highly likely, and the contemporary metal finish should look great in any room.

  • RokBlok Record-Riding Player

    Pretty much all record players have one thing in common: they spin the record. The RokBlok Record-Riding Player turns this notion on its head, instead riding around on top of the record like a toy train to play the music hidden in its grooves. Weighing in at just 3.2 oz, it has a built-in pre-amp, speaker, and rechargeable battery, and also has Bluetooth for streaming the sound to a more robust system. And since it's not tied down by wires or power cables, it'll work pretty much anywhere you can find a flat surface whether you're playing a 33 or a 45.

  • Com Four DJ Console

    Whether you're entertaining guests or just taking time to create your own music, this Com Four DJ Console is up for the task. It's easy to assemble, has an exchangeable insert which can also host CD players, allows you to house turntables in classic or battle mode, and can hold up to 350 vinyl records. Available in black matte or white, it's easily one of the best looking DJ setups we've ever seen, and is sure to stand out wherever it makes an appearance.

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