Samsung SodaStream Refrigerator

Make some extra room in your kitchen by ditching pre-packaged sodas and picking up the Samsung SodaStream Refrigerator ($3,900). The first fridge to ship with a carbonated water option — powered by SodaStream tech — alongside a traditional water and ice dispenser, it also offers a kid-friendly, counter-height Flex Zone drawer, dual doors for the main compartment, and a freezer on the bottom. Other features include Twin Cooling Plus technology, LED lighting, and an ice maker capable of cranking out 10 lbs. of the frozen stuff per day. [via]

  • Hario Bonmac Siphon Coffee Pot

    Feel like your kitchen isn't looking enough like a Mr. Wizard set? The Hario Bonmac Siphon Coffee Pot ($110) should be able to fix that. To use it, you fill up the lower bulb with water, and place your coffee grounds in the upper container. Place the alcohol lamp burner under the lower bulb to boil the water, which becomes steam, rises to the top, mixes with the grounds, and finally ends up back down in the lower bulb as one of the best cups of coffee you've ever had. Safety goggles not included.

  • Creature Cups

    Add a bit of whimsy to your morning coffee routine with one of these Creature Cups ($15-$20). Available in 11 or 15 oz. sizes, these curious cups are dishwasher safe and feature a different creature at the bottom, which only emerges fully once you're nearing the end of your drink. Choose from an octopus, pelican, crocodile, sea otter, shark, spider, or skull, or pony up for a set of two ($25-$35).

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