Samsung Vacuum Tube Soundbar

Well, we didn't see this one coming. The Samsung F750 Vacuum Tube Soundbar ($650) packs a decidedly audiophile feature — an integrated vacuum tube — into the un-audiophile sound bar form factor. While the goal is warmer, more natural sound, other features — like a gyroscope to optimize sound quality based on height, rotation, and slope and a wireless subwoofer — will likely make a difference too. In keeping with the wireless theme, it also offers Bluetooth for cordlessly connecting your smartphone, tablet, or even TV if it supports that kind of thing.

  • Jabra Solemate Speaker

    No, it's not a speaker for your shoes. Instead, the Jabra Solemate Speaker ($160) gets its name from its sneaker-like rugged bottom tread. Powered by a rechargeable battery good for 8 hours of continuous play, the Solemate pairs with your devices via Bluetooth 3.0, and features built-in DSP for optimal sound, three front-facing speakers, a 3.5mm input for non-wireless (dumb) devices, and an included sound bag for added protection when jamming outdoors.

  • JBL SoundFly

    Wireless, full-home audio has been getting more realistic for a while now, but until recently, if you wanted that convenience you were also filling your home with fairly large speaker systems. The JBL SoundFly ($180-$200) is here to change all of that. Boasting 20 watts of power, this diminutive speaker plugs right into an outlet, leaving your tables and countertops empty. The Wi-Fi-enabled, AirPlay-compatible version can link with up to three other units for true whole-home audio, while the Bluetooth model will let you wirelessly jam in any room you stick it.

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