Sanborn Prospector Canoe

Based on the classic Merrimack model of the same name, the Sanborn Prospector Canoe mixes modern materials with vintage style. A combination of carbon fiber, kevlar, and fiberglass is used for the boat's layup, then enhanced with wooden ribs, gunnels, handles, and hand-woven seats. At 16 feet long, the boat is highly versatile and finished with a distinctive painted hull and gel-coat finish.

  • Sled Legs

    Winter isn't over just yet. So get the most out of the last few weeks with a set of Sled Legs. The wearable sleds strap to your shins, allowing you to slide down the snow on you knees similar to a traditional toboggan, but there's no dragging or lugging anything back up the hill for round two. An outer plastic shell with control runners helps you carve down any terrain, while the foam inserts give added cushion and stability during your run. The compact design makes for easy storing and transportation so you'll always be ready for the next snowfall.

  • Scrubba Laundry Washing Bag

    Your clothing is portable. Your washing machine is not. The Scrubba Laundry Washing Bag fixes this. Made from microbial- and hydrolysis-resistant TPU, it has hundreds of nubs on the inside that make it twice as effective hand washing alone. Just fill it with your clothes, pour some water and detergent in, seal, press out the air, rub, rinse, and dry. It'll give you a machine-quality clean in just three minutes, but unlike the machine, it weighs just 5 oz, folds up to a pocket-friendly size, and works anywhere from your hotel room to your campsite.

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