Scale Wooden Roller Coaster

It's certainly not the most practical thing, but this Scale Wooden Roller Coaster ($700) is rather amazing nonetheless. Built from 464 pieces of laser-cut birch, this functional 1:48 scale homage to early 20th century coasters features four hills, three turns, flashing LEDs that wrap around the red handrails, and a single rotating spring that drags the car back up the hill for the next run. [via]

  • Traxxas XO-1 RC Car

    Real-life supercars are damned expensive, so it only makes sense that their radio-controlled counterparts would be equally so. Coming in at around as much money as you'd expect to pay for a beat up pickup, the Traxxas X0-1 RC Car ($1,150) is ready-to-race straight out of the box. Known as the world's fastest RC automobile, it's capable of 100 mph speeds and boasts a 0-60 time of just 2.3 seconds. The X0-1 features an aerodynamic body, a big block brushless motor, an integrated speed, RPM, temperature, and voltage telemetry system that works with an iPhone or iPod touch mounted in the controller's docking base to give you unheard of control over your mini-ride, and heavy-duty AWD drivetrain so you don't burn the thing up in the first weekend. [via]

  • Classic Wrecks

    Sure, collecting model cars isn't that unusual a hobby, but where are the scrapes, bumps, scratches, and rust that give real-world rides their character? You can find them in Classic Wrecks ($80+). These 1/24 scale models sport lovingly handcrafted details like broken windows, rusted and/or missing parts, and the feel of something that wasn't just put on a pedestal, but driven — hard — for years and years before being left outside to rot. Perfect for your junkyard-themed den.

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