sCarabane Rotating Camper

Powered by the sun and the wind, the sCarabane Rotating Camper is modular, movable, and self-sufficient. The rectangular caravan measures in at just 25.6-feet-long while on the road, but upon arriving at its destination, it unfolds into a sprawling tiny home. This feature adds an outdoor living area with a retractable awning on one end and a pair of bedrooms on the other, flanking a central dry bath, kitchen, and dining booth. The structure sits on a circular pod, enabling the camper to rotate 360-degrees as it tracks the sun to heat water, while a vertical wind turbine provides electricity, allowing you to set up camp just about anywhere.

  • Shanghai Customs Honda eCub Scooter

    Thanks to regulations that have made motorcycle plates prohibitively expensive and scooter licenses affordable for everyone, the custom scene in China has shifted from the former to the latter. The Shanghai Customs Honda eCub Scooter is a perfect example. Using the venerable Cub as a base, this electric vehicle has all its wiring hidden, including the battery packs and controller, which sit in a custom box where the engine used to be. It's controlled via a motorcycle-style throttle and is also equipped with a front headlight, LED brake lights and blinkers, and chunky tires on 18-inch aluminum rims. It can carry an average-sized adult up over 30 miles at speeds up to 30 mph, and since it retains the holders for the rear foot pegs, it's easy to add a second seat for passengers.

  • Riese & Müller Delite GT Signature E-Bike

    To celebrate their 25th Anniversary, Riese & Müller unveiled the third edition of one of the most versatile e-bikes on the market. The Delite line adds the GT Signature to its ranks complete with 27.5" wheels, wide tires, Control Technology for stability, and powerful dual battery technology. This doubles the bike's range and combined with Bosch Performance drive — which provides pedal assistance of up to 300% — the Delite GT is one of the most impressive e-bikes we've come across.

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