Schutt Jack Corbett MLB Hollywood Base

Schutt Jack Corbett MLB Hollywood Base

Used by Major League Baseball since 1939, the Schutt Jack Corbett MLB Hollywood Base ($75 each) is probably overkill for your corporate softball game, but when has that stopped you before? This professional base sports a tapered lip to eliminate "turn up," is engineered to hold up through any weather, and boasts 1200 lb. of tensile strength to prevent cuts and tears. Also great for forging signatures and starting your own eBay memorabilia empire.

  • BagBoy Navigator 2

    Why heft and schlep your golf clubs and bag around by hand when you can have an electric cart do it for you? The BagBoy Navigator 2 ($2,000) can be operated via remote control, using the handle controls, or manually like an old-fashioned golf cart. A built in navigation system keeps the cart in line, and helps it maintain speed even when ascending or descending hilly or rough terrain. Propelled by two 140-watt motors, the Navigator is powered by a 34 amp battery that will last for a full day. With this cart and a little practice, you'll own the fairway just like Mr. Dangerfield.

  • Cy-Fi Sports Speaker

    Whether you're biking, boating, hiking, or doing some other activity, the Cy-Fi Sports Speaker ($180-$200) lets you listen to tunes without forcing you to wear earbuds. Available in both iPod and Bluetooth varieties, the Cy-Fi creates a wireless connection between the lightweight speaker and the content source, letting you change tracks and control volume without ever taking your device out of your pocket.

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