You've probably heard of the Roomba robotic vacuum, but you probably haven't met his brother, Scooba. Unlike Roomba, which sweeps carpet, Scooba ($400; available in November) washes and dries hard floor surfaces like wood, tile and linoleum. The compact robot is programmed to prep, wash, scrub, and dry floors in a single pass, and can clean in hard-to-reach places like under furniture. Scooba is also easy to use — just fill him up with Clorox cleaning solution, press clean, and empty his tank when he's finished doing your dirty work.

  • Fisheye Camera

    Not every camera has to be digital — in fact, having a Polaroid around can be a lifesaver sometimes. The Fisheye Camera from Lomography ($50) is another film camera we’d actually consider buying. Its fisheye lens has a 170º viewing angle, incredible depth-of-field, and uses 35mm film — plus the camera has a built-in flash, so all those disturbing pics from the bar look that much worse.

  • DJ Kreemy Table

    This ultra modern DJ Table from designer Karim Rashid ($3,600) was designed specifically to make you look great even if your lackluster vinyl collection isn't exactly making the crowd bounce. It's got room for two turntables, mixer, and has a dual lighting system of two 25watt lamps and a concealed power cord. Made of molded fiberglass with a steel base, the turntable station is finished with Dupont automotive paint and is available in white, yellow, orange, pink and other custom colors.

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