Scrabble Typography Edition

If you're a fan of typography, then it's only reasonable to think that you'll be a fan of Scrabble Typography Edition ($200). The highlight of this luxurious set is the solid walnut tiles featuring a wide variety of different, interesting fonts. They're joined in the set by a solid walnut storage case with drawer, a six-panel solid walnut magnetized gameboard with non-slip cork backing, and metal tile racks. Oh, and each set will include a numbered certificate of authenticity signed by the creator — and Uncrate pal — Drew Capener himself.

  • SupaBoy

    Remember when the Super Nintendo was released, and you quickly realized how awesome it would be if the GameBoy could display graphics that shiny — or even display color period? Fast forward twenty years, and your childhood dream has become a reality with the SupaBoy ($80). Powered by a 2.5-hour rechargeable battery, the SupaBoy lets you plug in your old SNES cartridges and play on the go using the built-in controls and 3.5-inch LCD, or connect it to your TV via the AV out and plug in two controllers for a retro gaming experience.

  • iControlpad

    It sure took long enough, but if you own any smartphone not named "Xperia" and want to play games using a real controller, your wish has been granted. The iControlpad ($75) is a Bluetooth-based hardware controller that'll work with your iPhone, Android phone, iPad, PC, Mac, and anything else boasting a Bluetooth chip inside, offering up dual analog nubs, a digital D-pad, six face buttons, and two rear buttons, as well as the ability to masquerade as an iCade cabinet, and a universal holder that lets you strap your phone to the top of the controller without the need for duct tape.

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