Scrip Digital Wallet

There's no doubt cash is quickly becoming a relic of the past. That also means that the triggers in our brain that fire when we have to fork over some green are staying dormant. The Scrip Digital Wallet is meant to bridge the two. This design concept has an LED screen at the top and surface that raises and lowers for different denominations as you flick them outward for use. As a result, you get the same enjoyment from giving and receiving money as you do with cash and the same awareness you get when spending it. No matter how convenient Apple Pay is, it can't do that.

  • Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock

    Having a warm cup of coffee sitting on your nightstand the moment your eyes open sounds more like a dream than a wake-up call. The Barisieur Coffee Alarm Clock lures you into consciousness with the aroma of a fresh brew. Using induction heating and stainless steel ball bearings, water boils and is siphoned over your grounds to drip into your favorite mug while you sleep. The walnut frame even houses a cooler for your cream and a drawer for your sugar, eliminating the need to even get out of bed. Although this bedside barista seems like a gift from the caffeine gods, this concept is still in development and isn't currently available for purchase.

  • Virtual Table Tennis Trainer

    Ping pong is a game that's easy to pick up and highly difficult to master. The Virtual Table Tennis Trainer is a concept technology that aims to help you improve your game just by playing. Developed as a bachelor thesis by designer Thomas Mayer, it uses a pair of Playstation CL-eye cameras, a computer, and an HD projector to show stats and shot visualizations on the playing surface in real time. There are dashboards for each player that contain all kinds of performance data, but the real trick is the ball tracking, which lets it show not only where the ball has been, but where it should go next.

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