Underwater shenanigans await aboard the Scubacraft ($120,000). This open-cockpit submersible can reach 50 knots above water thanks to a 250hp engine, and offers push-button descent down to 100 feet beneath the waves, where electric thrusters kick in to move you and up to two friends around the depths. Scuba gear and certification required for the captain and passengers, but if you're seriously considering buying this thing, that's probably not going to be a problem.

  • Tron Legacy Lightcycle

    It's not the first movie-inspired ride we've seen, but it's definitely one of the coolest. The Tron Legacy Lightcycle ($55,000) is built to be street-legal, and features a 4-stroke Suzuki engine, a 6-speed constant mesh manual transmission, hubless wheels, custom tires, a padded leather seat, a hardened steel frame with a fiberglass body, and electroluminescent strips on the body, rims, and cowlings for that glowing neon look the film is known for.

  • Terrafugia Transition

    We were always amazed by Scaramanga's flying AMC Matador in The Man With The Golden Gun, and now you can own your very own flying car. Or is that driving plane? Actually, it's the Terrafugia Transition ($195,000). This "light sport" aircraft features electrically-powered folding wings that, when paired with the rear-facing propeller, allow it to fly at 115 mph for up to 460 miles. But should inclement weather strike, or you just decide to drive, the wings fold up and the Transition becomes a street-legal car that gets 30 miles to the gallon. It's the ultimate getaway vehicle, provided you, your sidekick/henchman, and your loot don't weigh more than 450 lbs. [Thanks, Thomas & Ken]

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