Sea Shadow

Sea Shadow

We just found the new Uncrate yacht. Looking like something straight out of an episode of G.I. Joe, the Sea Shadow (Free) was built in the early 1980s for $195 million as an experimental ship to escape detection on the open sea. Like a stealth bomber, the 160' ship uses special coatings, crystalline angles, and other CIA gadgets to stump radar and sonar. During its top secret days, the Sea Shadow lived inside (and was even built inside) the Hughes Mining Barge, a mammoth floating vessel with a 76' x 72' door to let the Shadow come and go as it pleased. Even though it's going to be heading to the scrap yard soon if they don't find a new owner, the Navy is only looking to give it away to someone who wants to use the Shadow as a floating museum. And the Hughes Barge also goes to the lucky new owner. So get the dock ready. [Thanks, Chuck]

  • Airstream Panamerica

    Tow both your camp and your gear with the Airstream Panamerica ($TBA). The rear 11 feet of this 34-foot trailer is configured as a garage, with enough room to haul two motorcycles, ATVs, or other gear, as well as storage, power outlets, and work areas. In true Airstream fashion, the main cabin features plenty of living space, a double bed, and a modern interior — complete with stainless steel appliances — that will have you wanting to stay on the road.

  • Aerocar

    Think flying cars are the wave of the future? Then you might want to check out the Aerocar ($3.5 million), a hybrid car/plane from 1956(!). With a serial number of 2, this unique ride was granted its first FAA certification in December of '56, with an informal inspection performed in 2006. Beyond the fact that it flies (sorta; it needs reconditioning to be flight-ready), the Aerocar was also ahead of its time with its small, two-seat build and streamlined rear. [Thanks, Chad]

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