While, admittedly, not everyone is going to necessarily find everyday applications for a product like the Searzall ($65), if you're a serious home cook (or small-time professional chef), you'll wonder how you ever did without it. It's a fixture for a standard blow-torch, making it much better suited for use with food by helping eliminate the torch-taste commonly found in foods seared with a torch. It works by forcing the flame through two layers of heat-proof mesh, largely reducing the flame to radiant heat, and letting it perfectly sear sous-vide foods, foie gras, fish, steak, burgers — really anything.

  • Phillippe Starck Log Knives

    Add a touch of rustic charm (without sacrificing class) to your next meal with these Phillippe Starck Log Knives ($465). This set of six knives is made entirely from stainless steel, carefully formed, detailed with a wood bark design, and finished in matte. Each one is forged into a seamless piece of stainless steel, for workmanship that will last and last, while still maintaining a light weight that feels natural in your hand.

  • Ratio Eight Coffee Machine

    If you've had the pleasure of enjoying a cup of coffee brewed in a Chemex (or similar pour-over coffeemaker), you know that there are few better ways to prepare your favorite morning pick-me-up — but you also know how difficult it can be to get it right. The Ratio Eight Coffee Machine ($400) combines the same principles used to brew by hand in a pour-over device, and adds precise technology so you get the perfect brew every time. Carefully heated water reaches the proper temperature for your brew, then pours water over the grounds allowing them to bloom, before finally pouring additional hot water to finish the brewing process. What you end up with is an excellent pot of fresh coffee, with repeatable results, and zero fuss.

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