Surfing, sailing, swimming, skiing, snorkeling — no matter what you're doing on the water, you're going to want to check the conditions before you head out. SeaStatus has you covered. This free iPhone app offers you a bevy of information for over 2,000 different seaside locations in the U.S., including things like wind speed and directions, temperature, weather conditions, swell height and direction, water temperature, high/low tide, and even 48-hour forecasts.

  • Brewseful

    If you care about coffee — and we mean really care about coffee, enough to never use a traditional coffee maker again — then you should care enough to keep track of how you're brewing. Brewseful makes it easy. Sporting a super simple, clean interface, this slick iPhone app lets you keep track of brewing times, grinds, water to ground ratios, and the methods you used for each individual type of bean and roast.

  • Breeze

    There are tons of apps to keep track of your running — but what if you're more of a walker than a runner? If that's the case, Breeze should suit you just fine. Made by the fine folks at RunKeeper, this new app uses the M7 motion coprocessor inside your iPhone 5s to keep track of your activity throughout the day, giving you personalized goals and reminders to help you be more active, as well as gorgeous visuals that allow you track track your progress day-by-day or over time. It's also free, so there's really no excuse not to give it a try.

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