Secret Contacts

Secret Contacts

Whether you're pulling double-agent duty or simply trying to keep the identity of your "hoes in different area codes" away from prying eyes, Secret Contacts ($2) can help. Masquerading as an innocuous tip calculator on your iPhone's home screen, this little black book shows its true colors when you enter a secret bill amount into the calculator. Just make sure your significant other isn't an Uncrate reader, in which case this won't be nearly as sneaky as you think.

  • Panelfly

    Not content to let traditional books have all the digital distribution fun, Panelfly (Free; App Store Link) lets you purchase, download, and read digital comics right from your iPhone or iPod touch. With hundreds of titles available from some of the biggest names in comics — including Marvel — Panelfly's slick, well-designed interface makes reading each issue as easy as possible, and in case you're thinking the iPhone/iPod touch screen is too small, have patience — Panelfly for the iPad will launch alongside the device in March.

  • Evernote

    The ever-accelerating pace of modern life makes remembering everything we want a real challenge, especially when those things range from the real to the virtual. Evernote is here to solve that problem, letting you capture nearly anything you want — including text and voice memos, web pages, photos (with text recognition!), documents, and more — and then automagically processing and indexing it all, adding it to a personal database that can be searched and accessed from nearly anywhere, including from your iPhone, Android phone, or BlackBerry, as well as any Mac, PC, or other web-enabled device. If you find yourself exhausting the upload limit on your free account, you can step up to a $5/month premium membership for 500MB/month of uploads, ad-free usage, SSL security, the ability to search within PDFs, priority image recognition, and more.

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