Segway Robot

Mixing powerful robotics with the company's rock-solid mobility platform, the Segway Robot has as much potential as it does personality. It's powered by an Intel Atom processor running a version of Android, letting you create your own apps and use cases. It uses an array of cameras — one for depth sensing, one for tracking, and one for normal video/still photography — to complete tasks like move from room to room, track and follow you when you're on foot, and other things that haven't been thought of yet. It has a built-in interface for hardware extensions, letting you add things like arms or tools as you go, or you could just use it as a plain old Segway. But where's the fun in that?

  • Amazon Prime Air Drone Delivery

    It's the stuff of science fiction: being able to order nearly anything you want and have it delivered to your door in less time than it takes to finish an episode of Game of Thrones. Yet thanks to Amazon Prime Air Drone Delivery, it may well become a reality. This service will use autonomous drones to deliver packages weighing up to five pounds in 30 minutes or less to addresses as far as 10 miles away by relying on "sense and avoid" technology to keep away from obstacles both on the ground and in the air. No word yet on when you'll be able to start scheduling gadget airdrops, but if this Jeremy Clarkson-hosted video is any indication, expect it to happen sooner rather than later.

  • Meccano MeccaNoid G15 KS Robot

    With a legacy dating back over 100 years, Meccano has been the toy of choice for aspiring engineers for a long, long time. The Meccano MeccaNoid G15 KS Robot brings the classic construction set up to date with an app-connecting "brain" and 10 motors that give it a broad range of movements. The set includes over 1,200 pieces, knows over 1,000 phrases, recognizes your voice, stands over four feet tall, and can learn new movements in three different ways. A perfect gift for future builders and adult tinkerers alike.

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