Segway x2

Segway x2

Segway's x2 Personal Transporter ($5,500; Sept.) is a new all-terrain version of the ultra-geeky, two-wheeled machine. The x2 features cross-terrain tires, a wider track and higher ground clearance, and protective fenders with built-in lift handles. The transporter also offers Segways's new LeanSteer technology for turning and a new wireless InfoKey controller that turns on the x2 and acts as the speedometer, odometer, trip computer, battery gauge, and security system. The Segway x2 has a top speed of 12.5 mph and can travel up to 12 miles on a single charge of its lithium-ion batteries. The x2 will also come in three other specialized models — the x2 Golf, x2 Police, and x2 Adventure.

  • 2006 Polaris Outlaw

    We love riding four-wheelers here at Uncrate — in fact, we’ve owned a few ourselves throughout the years. We’ve since sold them, but this bad boy is tempting us to break out the checkbooks and saddle up. The Polaris Outlaw ($6,899) is a high performance four-wheeler with looks and specs that are downright mean. A liquid-cooled 499cc four-stroke DOHC engine powers the monster while a revolutionary suspension gives 11 inches of ground clearance and an anti-sway bar ensures great handling. We’re not sure we’d run from the cops on one now that we’re older — and yes, we did do that a couple of times back in the day — but we are pretty sure if we had to, we could run off and hide with even more speed and finesse than we did then.

  • Skycar Prototype

    The Neiman Marcus annual Christmas Book always has pricey stuff — but this year's is a little out of hand. Among the gifts is the M400 Skycar prototype ($3.5 million), the world's first personal vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft designed to be used as reliably as a car. It travels at 350 miles per hour and gets better gas mileage than most SUVs — 21 miles per gallon. And since it runs on alcohol, which is a cleaner fuel than gasoline, it's also safer for the environment than your Hummer. Oh, and the buyer must clear regulatory requirements, including International Traffic in Arms Regulations and Federal Aviation Administration authorization.

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