Seletti Boxitalia Punching Bag & Boxing Gloves

Seletti Boxitalia Punching Bag & Boxing Gloves

Bring the look and feel of an old, well-worn boxing gym home with Seletti Boxitalia Punching Bag & Boxing Gloves ($110-$325). Made from vintage-style brown leather, these professional-level training tools sport a classic design and feel, making your new home setup looking as authentic as you can get without hiring Rocky to chase a chicken around your yard.

  • Pharaoh Game Room Sets

    Outfit your game room in royal style with Pharaoh Game Room Sets ($TBA). Handmade from only high quality materials such as Italian Formica, marble, stainless steel, and exotic woods, these opulent pieces of gaming furniture — including craps, billiards, roulette, and poker tables — are the perfect way to take your Wednesday night poker game to a whole new level. Possibly also suspicious looking should the fuzz come looking for your underground casino.

  • Wiffle Ball: The Ultimate Guide

    Odds are near 100% that you owned a Wiffle ball and bat set at one point in your youth, but you probably weren't aware of the amazing story behind the toy found in Wiffle Ball: The Ultimate Guide ($9). Along with offering up the history of the ball itself, this quickly-read, 160-page tome also features Wiffle-related stories from celebrities and sports stars, along with plenty of tips like how to throw a Wiffle sinker, how to tape up a Wiffle bat, and how to build your very own Wiffle Ball field, if you're feeling Field of Dreams-y.

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