Self-Destructing SecureDrives

If you're serious about protecting your data — so serious that you'd destroy your storage just to keep it from falling into the wrong hands — then A) you're probably a spy and B) you need these Self-Destructing SecureDrives. These speedy SSDs are self-encrypting and boast a number of self-destruct triggers that will destroy the NAND flash chips. Triggers include if the drive is disconnected from the SATAII interface, if its internal battery level falls too low, if it's away from a GSM signal for a pre-determined amount of time, if it feels the tap signature you've set up, or if it receives a specific SMS message, the latter allowing you to destroy it from anywhere you can find cell service — no more chasing the guy with the briefcase onto the roof of a moving train.

  • Mblok

    Storing your photos, files, music, and videos in the cloud is great — but it requires an Internet connection for access, and in case you haven't heard, there's always the possibility that someone could hack your account. The Mblok solves both these problems by holding up to 256 GB of your stuff in a tiny, portable package that you can take with you anywhere. This personal cloud-like box connects to up to seven of your devices via Bluetooth 4.0, offering immediate access to your data. The battery lasts for up to 300 hours on a single charge, the app offers one-tap backups, and best of all, your data is protected with 128 bit encryption — so no one's going to see your naughty selfies, even if they steal your device.

  • Chargerito

    We've seen some damn small phone chargers before, so when one claims to be "the world's smallest", we tend to be skeptical. Yet the Chargerito appears to back up its claim. This minuscule charger attaches to your keyring, and provides everything you need to power up your device, including fold-out prongs and a flip-up Apple Lightning or Micro-USB connector. As an added bonus, the design creates a sort of built-in dock for your phone, so you can still see incoming notifications on the screen from a distance — which is more than we can say for your average wall wart.

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