Semi-Pro Croquet Game

Semi-Pro Croquet Game

Although in many places the game of croquet has been overtaken by drunken battles of cornhole or horseshoes, croquet is still an enjoyable time, and can be made even more enjoyable by the quality and convenience of this Semi-Pro Croquet Game ($170). This Italian-made set includes four hand-carved beech mallets, regulation-size balls, metal wickets, and striped stakes, all of which go on the included trolley when not in use. So go ahead, make a lazy afternoon of it with some croquet and afternoon tea — your family (and your liver) will thank you.

  • L.L. Bean Horseshoe Set

    Summer is almost here, so it's time to start getting your arsenal of outdoor beer-drinking activities together, and none is more classic than horseshoes. We recommend the L.L. Bean Horseshoe Set ($60) for its high-quality forged-steel horseshoes and solid-steel stakes, and for the handy rule book and carrying case that let you take the fun with you when you're traveling — whether it be out to the local lake for some camping, or just to your buddy's house for a cookout.

  • Watermat

    Most 20' x 6' rooms that sit above the water are expensive — after, real estate is all about location. Now you can have that same space on a platform above the water for less than you might think. The Watermat ($600) is a 20' x 6' mat made of closed-cell foam that weighs only 50 pounds and yet can hold up to 1500 pounds on the water. The mat is also double-sided for traction on the one side and sliding fun on the other.

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