Senik Fire Extinguisher Concept

Inspired to make a fire extinguisher that would work better for low-income settlements in India, designer Sailee Adhao created the Senik Fire Extinguisher Concept. It improves on traditional safety equipment in several important ways. For one, it's less expensive, using a combination of water and non-toxic gas to propel a fine mist into the heart of the fire. It can also be refilled and reused. Finally, it's far more intuitive than traditional options — simply break it free from its yellow support and it assumes its angled form and begins to spray. Adhao has built and tested a functional prototype, providing help that it might be available to those who need it sooner rather than later.

  • JFK Airport Overhaul

    Once a world class transportation hub, the JFK airport is now one of the more difficult airports to navigate and access. Despite serving a record 60 million passengers in 2016 and welcoming more international passengers than any other airport in the country, JFK's terminals and facilities are badly out-dated and low on capacity. Governor Andrew Cuomo recently announced a $100 billion infrastructure plan to transform JFK into a state-of-the-art facility prepared to meet the demands of the 21st century. The plan calls for a redesign of on-airport roadways to eliminate bottlenecks for commuters to and from JFK. They'll also be expanding terminals and redeveloping and relocating older terminals to create a better experience for travelers. In addition, fine dining, duty-free shopping, high-end retail, and conference and meeting room facilities will help return this important transportation hub to its former glory as one of the greatest airports in the U.S.

  • Ichelle Im 001 Drone

    Tesla designer Andrew Kim, along with his artist wife Michele Park, have launched a place online to share products and product concepts. One of the first concepts unveiled is the Ichelle Im 001 Drone, a modular drone beautifully designed by the Los Angeles-based couple. It's meant to be easy to maintain and use, with a detachable panoramic camera that can be mounted to the drone body or handle. The smooth, comfortable look and feel of the 001 give it a more approachable and almost friendly vibe.

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