Perfect your grip with the SensoGlove ($120). This soft leather glove features built-in sensors that constantly read the pressure of your grip, letting you easily learn correct grip pressure. Audio feedback warns you of a overly tight grip anywhere during your swing, so you can pinpoint where you need work. Better grip equals better play equals better scores out on the course.

  • Throwdown Pro Series MMA Cages

    Forget the basement boxing ring — if you really want to spend your Friday nights in bloody battles, check out these Throwdown Pro Series MMA Cages ($16,500 and up). Available in three shapes — circle, hexagon, and octagon — the cages feature patented heavy-duty framing, closed-cell polyethylene foam padding, extra-wide corner bumper pads, all-steel stairs, and vinyl skirting. All you need is an announcer, some bleachers, and an opponent.

  • Callaway I-MIX

    The future of golf technology is here. The Callaway I-MIX system allows for easy swapping of different shafts and clubheads, letting you switch out parts to match the conditions or course. Start with either a FT-5 or FT-I clubhead, and then pick and choose from over 70 different shafts from seven different makers to make your perfect club. The included tool binds the shaft to the clubhead securely, letting you make a swap in around 30 seconds. Need more loft? More stiffness? You got it.

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