SerpentSea Rope Mats

Worried that your mats can stand up to the daily abuse you put out? You need not worry if you've got some of these SerpentSea Rope Mats ($250-$1500). Handwoven from reclaimed sailing ropes, they come in four different styles — Bonny, Drake, Morgan, and Killigrew — named after four of the most infamous pirates of the 17th century. All four also happen to be traditional knots that have been tied by sailors for centuries for both practical purposes and decor, and all four rugs are designed to be used indoors or out — just like the rope from which they're made.

  • Alegna Wooden Bathtubs

    Add a touch of natural elegance to your washroom with Alegna Wooden Bathtubs ($TBA). Thanks to the company's experience building yachts, the tubs feature smooth, seamless, organic lines that are well protected thanks to a highly water-resistant varnish that coats the surface, guaranteeing that they'll provide optimal service for years to come. A number of designs and wood choices are available, and if those suit you, they'll custom build a special tub out of basically any wood you choose.

  • Corcel Carbon Fiber Bath Tub

    What can't be improved by making it out of carbon fiber? We've seen everything from car hoods to iPad cases made out of the stuff, but we may have found an answer to our question in the Corcel Carbon Fiber Bath Tub ($TBA). A symbol of opulence equal to the gold toilet, this carbon fiber tub sports a sleek, streamlined shape, is best matched with a modern, standalone faucet, and may/may not come from space and make racecar noises, as the movie suggests. Limited to just 51 units worldwide. [via]

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