Serrated Ice Cream Scoop

Serrated Ice Cream Scoop

Trying to grab a scoop of ice cream out of a hard slab is about as effective as trying to talk to a wall — unless, of course, your have this Serrated Ice Cream Scoop ($10). It features a die cast head with a serrated edge for cutting into hard ice cream and a textured inner scoop for easy release, and even packs in a soft-grip handle to relieve stress — as if the ice cream wasn't enough to take care of that on its own.

  • Eva Solo Ice Tea Maker

    Expand your collection of display-worthy kitchen gadgets with the Eva Solo Ice Tea Maker ($90). Designed by Danish studio Tools, it features a glass carafe, a stainless steel tea filter, a flip-top lid that opens automatically when pouring, a colored silicone neck sleeve for a secure grip when pouring hot or cold liquids, and a one liter capacity. You can spoon tea leaves directly into the carafe for indefinite brewing — the filter will keep them from escaping into your drink — or place them inside the filter to brew for just a couple minutes, then press the plunger and pour.

  • Otto Espresso Machine

    Brew coffee-house worthy cups of caffeine-laced goodness on your stovetop with the Otto Espresso Machine (AU$800; roughly $850). Designed in Australia, it's based on Giordano Robbiati's classic Atomic, made almost entirely of stainless steel for dependable operation year-in, year-out, can brew two cups at a time at up to three bar of pressure, and includes a built-in steam wand. It doesn't look too shabby, either.

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