Séura LCD TV Mirror

Séura LCD TV Mirror

Most of the time spent in the bathroom getting ready is lost to all outside endeavors, apart from perhaps listening to music — but no more. With the Séura TV Mirror (starting at $2800) you can still catch all of the game while you shave. The Séura uses a specially formulated mirror that allows the picture of the LCD behind the mirror to be viewed when it’s on, and completely conceal the LCD when it’s off. It’s like, magic or something.

  • Sony 50-inch Grand WEGA 3LCD HDTV

    Sony has once again shown why it's king with its latest 50-inch Grand WEGA HDTV, the KDF-E50A10 ($1,350). The new model features a sleek design that does away with the old "speakers on the side" look by using "invisible" speakers hidden at the bottom of the set. So that means, in addition to having a minimal bezel and looking more plasma-like, the 50-inch model can now fit in an a space that previously housed a 42-inch television. The KDF-E50A10 (way to go on the catchy name there, Sony) offers a 1280 x 720 native 720p resolution and Sony's Cinema Black Pro technology for excellent contrast. A 42-inch little brother, the KDF-E4210, is also being released. It'll fit in a space the size of a normal 36-inch model.

  • Nevo SL Wi-Fi Remote

    We've all had the problem of keeping track of an army of remote controls, and it isn't fun. Finally, we found a remote that will help the problem, not hurt — the Nevo SL Remote from Universal Electronics ($TBA). Featuring Wi-Fi connectivity, a built in database of IR commands for over 200,000 devices, and a super-snazzy screen, this should be the last (and only) remote you'll ever need.

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