Sevenhugs Smart Remote

More things connected to the Internet equals more things you can control remotely. Unfortunately, that also means more apps dedicated to all your stuff. The Sevenhugs Smart Remote looks to remove your phone from the equation altogether by giving you context-sensitive controls over everything in your house. Using a system of plug-in beacons, the remote automatically knows where it is and what you're pointing it at, displaying the right controls for the job on the fly. That means you need only one remote to control your TV, lighting, thermostat, music, and more, while your phone stays happily in your pocket.

  • Spurcycle Bell

    The added safety of a bell on your handlebars is more important than you realize. Made in the USA, each Spurcycle Bell is trimmed and hand brushed using brass and stainless steel. It also blends simply with your bike, making it almost invisible until you need it. Once needed, it's powerfully loud, with a convincing tone that rings three times longer than other bells, announcing your presence to motorists or pedestrians on your route.

  • Canary Home Security Device

    With a bevy of intelligent sensors, a high-res camera, and an ear-piercing siren, the Canary can keep your home safe using nothing more than an Internet connection. Its wide-angle 1080p camera keeps an eye on your space day and night, automatically activating when you leave and shutting off when you get home, and using smart algorithms to notify you if it senses something wrong. You can even adjust it's Sensitivity Slider to control the number of notifications sent. If something is amiss, you can set off the 90 decibel siren and contact local authorities/emergency services right from the app, and with the ability to link up to four units together, you can protect even larger abodes. And should you want to ensure it doesn't turn on by accident, a Privacy mode disables both the camera and mic so you can do what you want discreetly.

    Presented by Canary.

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