Shanghai Customs Honda eCub Scooter

Thanks to regulations that have made motorcycle plates prohibitively expensive and scooter licenses affordable for everyone, the custom scene in China has shifted from the former to the latter. The Shanghai Customs Honda eCub Scooter is a perfect example. Using the venerable Cub as a base, this electric vehicle has all its wiring hidden, including the battery packs and controller, which sit in a custom box where the engine used to be. It's controlled via a motorcycle-style throttle and is also equipped with a front headlight, LED brake lights and blinkers, and chunky tires on 18-inch aluminum rims. It can carry an average-sized adult up over 30 miles at speeds up to 30 mph, and since it retains the holders for the rear foot pegs, it's easy to add a second seat for passengers.

  • Kuickwheel Serpent Electric Skateboards

    The range of electric skateboards continues to evolve, and with the release of these two boards from Kuickwheel, it's taking a big step forward. The Serpent-C is the smallest electric skateboard on the market, with a 300-watt in-wheel motor that can go up to 11 mph for up to 6 miles. It's controlled using a force-sensitive remote control, and at only 18 inches long, you can toss it into your pack with ease. The Serpent-W, on the other hand, is a 40-inch longboard that can go up to 25 mph with a range of nearly 10 miles and even includes safety lighting for peace of mind during a nighttime trip. Both boards give riders the option of eco or sports mode based on their experience and use high-quality materials that are built to last.

  • DeLorean DR-7 Aircraft

    When we think of "flying DeLorean," somehow this isn't quite what we've had in mind. Developed by Paul DeLorean, nephew of DMC founder John, the DeLorean DR-7 Aircraft is a two-seat, self-flying vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) vehicle. It looks less like a car than a plane, with two sets of wings, winglets underneath, and two large ducted fans that sit horizontally for takeoff before rotating to vertical for forward flight. Still in the R&D phase, it will measure 20 feet long and 18.5 feet wide, with the ability to tuck its wings to the sides to fit in large garages. The hope is to have a full-scale prototype in the air by next year, with the ultimate goal of squeezing 120 miles of range out of its all-electric propulsion system.

    Photos: DeLorean Aerospace

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