ShapeScale 3D Body Scanning Scale

Scales are necessary for basic fitness tracking. Those a little more concerned might take monthly photos to track their progress. The ShapeScale 3D Body Scanning Scale combines these two concepts in a far more convenient, helpful manner. It has a 3D scanner mounted on an arm that rotates around your body, building a high-fidelity 3D model in under a minute. Using heatmaps, it can instantly show you where you've been gaining, and where you've been losing, as well as localized lean and fat mass numbers. It lets you keep track of your goals visually, gives precise body measurements, and, of course, keeps track of your actual weight, too.

  • Dreem Headband

    Research shows that sound can enhance sleep, but only if applied at the right moment. The Dreem Headband uses sensors and smarts to make your night's rest even better. By analyzing your brain waves using advanced algorithms, it can play sounds at just the right time to make your deep sleep more restful, helping you to feel better when it's time to wake up. The system also uses AI to give you tips to improve your habits for even better sleep. And since none of this is helpful if you don't want to wear it, the Yves Behar design promises all-night comfort in any position.

  • Pill Pack

    Dealing with multiple medications can be a hassle. Pill Pack aims to make it as painless as possible. This online full-service pharmacy delivers a personalized roll of pre-sorted medications to your door each month. Each sachet of pills is labeled with the time, date, and any notes on how to take them, and is stored in a convenient dispenser. Other medications that can't be placed in packets, such as liquids or inhalers, are also included in each month's package, and an online software platform called PharmacyOS makes it easy to manage your various prescriptions, refills, and renewals.

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