Sharp Aquos 80-Inch LED LCD TV

Sharp Aquos 80-Inch LED LCD TV

Cheer yourself up after that devastating Red Sox loss last night with a big ol' TV. The largest LED LCD TV to date, the Sharp Aquos LC-80LE632U TV ($5,500) gives you 80-inches of viewing area (to watch anything other than the playoffs), a full HD 1080p X-Gen LCD panel, built-in Wi-Fi, and access to apps like Netflix, CinemaNow and VUDU. It's also got a full array LED backlighting system that produces a crazy dynamic contrast ratio of 6,000,000:1, along with a blur-killing 120Hz Fine Motion Enhanced engine, all packed up into a 4-inch deep casing.

  • Sony 3D Head Mounted Display

    Remember back in the '80s, when pundits predicted that in the future, we'd enjoy our entertainment via holographic 3D displays that we wore like sunglasses? You do? Good, because that damn near explains the Sony 3D Head Mounted Display ($TBA). It uses twin HD OLED displays to provide you with an immersive visual experience, while the integrated virtual 5.1 surround sound does the same for your ears, and since it connects via HDMI, you can hook up anything from a PS3 to an iPad, sit back, and enjoy.

  • Dish Network Tailgater

    Don't miss out on the early games just because you're partying it up in the parking lot before the 4:00 kickoff. The Dish Network Tailgater ($350) is a 10 pound portable satellite TV antenna that your can take nearly anywhere — including the stadium, camping trips, or just to your poor, cable-less cousin's — and enjoy HD programming in a hurry thanks to its automatic satellite locating technology and month-to-month plans. All it's missing is the receiver, a TV, and a power source. [Scouted by Alex]

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