Shawn Carter x Hublot Classic Fusion Watch

Two years ago Jay Z subtly called our attention to a forthcoming project, saying "new watch alert, Hublots" on Kanye's Otis — now the wait is over, the Shawn Carter x Hublot Classic Fusion Watch ($18,000-$34,000) is here. This limited-edition collaboration comes in two variations: a black ceramic piece limited to 250, and a yellow gold piece limited to 100 (the more costly of the two). Both watches feature a 90-hour power reserve, water resistance down to 50 meters, self-winding movement, and a sapphire crystal. And, they were designed by Mr. Carter himself, so, there's that.

  • Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

    While wearable devices may still feel like the stuff of science fiction, they are very much a reality — as evidenced by the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch ($300). This watch does so much more than simply tell time, thanks to its ability to pair with any Samsung Galaxy device. For example, it will discreetly notify you of a new text message, let you preview its contents, and then instantly open it on your larger device. Other powerful features include the ability to interact with music, letting you browse, pause, play, skip, or adjust volume. A built-in microphone, bluetooth connectivity, a video and still camera, an accelerometer, a gyroscope, and a pedometer further extend the usefulness of this handy watch. Available in October.

  • Urwerk EMC Watch

    Control freaks, take notice — the Urwerk EMC Watch ($TBA) gives you more authority over the functionality of your timepiece than any watch before it. With only the touch of a button, you can access the timing rate of your watch, allowing you to fine-tune the way it tells time. Because conditions like position, temperature, and shock affect the timing regularity of your watch, having this information gives you the control you need to adjust your timing rate to suit any situation. Made from titanium and steel, with a satin finish and sapphire crystal, this watch is made to last — while a power reserve of 80 hours will keep it going for days.

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