Shotgun Flower Shell

Remember the hippies who placed flowers into the barrels of National Guardsmen's rifles in protest of the Vietnam War? Well, the Shotgun Flower Shell ($TBA) is somewhat similar in concept — instead of ammunition that takes life, these ones spread it, in the form of a harmless flower seed. It's essentially a 12-gauge shotgun shell, every bit like any shotgun shell you'd typically shoot, only instead of shot, this one is packed full of flower seeds (choose from poppies, peonies, cornflowers, sunflowers, lavender, sweet pea, and about half a dozen others). Using it is simple, just load up your shotgun, point it at the ground, and shoot.

  • Dutchtub Wood

    Luxury doesn't have to be complex, in fact, it can be quite simple — the Dutchtub Wood ($6,600) gives you all the opulence of a hot tub, without all the intricacies of plumbing and electricity, letting you have a hot tub anywhere you have the space. With an interior made from high-quality polyester, and the outside made from preserved wood, this tub is weatherproof, and lightweight (so light that two people can easily lift it). It also functions simply, using a wood-fired stove to heat it, and natural circulation to move the water through a stainless steel coil. And if the look of wood isn't quite your thing, there's always the original Dutchtub, with all the simplicity, and none of the rustic appearance.

  • Kelty Mach AirPole Tent

    Chances are you've been there — setting up a tent in a storm, in the dark, after a long drive, or a day of hiking — when the last thing you want to do is bother with clumsy poles. The Kelty Mach AirPole Tent ($300) eliminates the frustration involved with setting up most tents, thanks to its inflatable AirPoles. All you need to set it up is the included dual-action floor pump, which lets you set the tent up in under a minute. That way you can do what you really want to do: get comfortable and relax. The tent accommodates four campers comfortably, easily deflates when it's time to pack up and go, and has plenty of useful features like a vestibule, integrated rainfly, and double zippers.

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