Shure MV88 iOS Microphone

Apple's iOS devices have already proven their worth for recording everything from interviews to movie footage. But as handy as they are, their microphones leave something to be desired. The Shure MV88 iOS Microphone is an easy way to upgrade their audio chops. Compatible with all Lightning-equipped devices, it uses matched cardioid and bidirectional cartridges set in an all-metal enclosure with holes on the sides to ensure clear stereo audio. The companion app lets you control the gain, EQ, stereo width, and gives you access to 5 DSP preset modes to instantly optimize it for speech, vocals, acoustic performances, or loud environments.

  • Olloclip Macro Pro Phone Lens

    The iPhone's cameras are great. Make them even better with the Olloclip Macro Pro Phone Lens. Unlike the company's original 4-in-1, which mixes in both fisheye and wide-angle lenses, this model is all about the closeups, with options for 7x, 14x or 21x magnification that lets you make pleasing photos of even the smallest subjects. Just slide it over the top of your iPhone, fire up your favorite camera app, and go. The six element optics provide better depth of field and less distortion, the included InstaFocus hoods help diffuse light, and the pocket-friendly size means its easy to pack along.

  • Simplism Hibiki Acoustic iPhone Case

    You want the best sound quality out of your phone. You use good headphones, and maybe you even carry around a collection of lossless audio, ripped straight from vinyl. But nothing can stop the degradation of sound by the radio waves your phone emits. Except maybe this. Handmade in a 70-year-old factory by skilled Japanese craftsmen, the Simplism Hibiki Acoustic iPhone Case uses a combination of high-tech materials and North American white ash to limit the effect those waves have on your audio, giving you the best performance possible while also protecting your phone and looking damn good while doing it.

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