Side Project Oude Fermier Beer

With so many new breweries flooding the craft beer market, it's difficult to keep up and decipher what is actually worth trying. Side Project in St. Louis is still young, but with beers like Oude Fermier, they are already ahead of the pack. Oude Fermeir started as a Saison, but was barrel fermented in Chardonnay barrels and aged for 12 months while mingling with wild Missouri yeast before bottling. The result is a fantastic beer, with lemon, yeast and some mild tartness. And being housed in such a beautiful bottle makes it even more attractive.

  • Monocacy H.L. Rex Pale Ale

    The newest contender in the race for a great, sessionable pale ale comes from the folks at Monocacy Brewing in Frederick, Maryland and it's named H.L. Rex Pale Ale. This 3.7% brew is a perfect fit on a hot summer day, allowing plenty of repeated samples without the potential of a bad crash. What separates it from the growing number of session beers on the market is not only a great hop experience in aroma and taste, but also the attentive design that marks each bottle. Another worthy adversary as the dog days of summer roll on.

  • Terrapin Guano Loco Beer

    You might not think of the phrase "fiesta in your glass" when it comes to beer, but that is exactly what the brewers at Terrapin Brewing had in mind when they created Guano Loco. This unique offering is a Chili Pepper Brownie Ale, giving you a rush of chocolaty sweetness with some cinnamon and mild chili pepper spice on the finish. Guano Loco means "batshit crazy", but Volume 23 in Terrapin's Side Project Series isn't as wacky as the name suggests. It is, however, one of the better chocolate, chili pepper beers we've tasted.

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