Siempo Distraction-Limiting Phone

There are many ways people try to limit distractions. The Siempo Distraction-Limiting Phone aims to stop them at their origin: your pocket computer. It starts with an interface that does away with the familiar grid of apps for a text-based system that lets you quickly write and respond to messages and emails, see the weather, play music, browse the web, and more. Instead of buzzing every time a notification comes in, it holds them for a set period and displays them all at once, and a physical "pause" button lets you mute all interruptions without opening a single menu. These features combined make it easier to stay in the moment and less likely you'll get sucked down the app rabbit hole.

  • BlackBerry KeyOne Smartphone

    You're forgiven for thinking they'd gone out of business. The BlackBerry KeyOne Smartphone is actually a BlackBerry by name but a TCL by build. As the name suggests, its signature feature is a hardware keyboard that's touch-sensitive and hides a fingerprint sensor in the space bar. Otherwise, it's a fairly standard affair, with an aluminum and Gorilla Glass 4 body, 4.5-inch screen, 12-megapixel, Sony-sourced camera, Snapdragon 625 processor, and Android 7.1.

  • Google Pixel Smartphone

    There are a ton of Android phones on the market, but if you want the purest expression of Google's world-beating OS, you want the Google Pixel. The first direct-from-Google phone without Nexus branding, the Pixel is built by HTC but designed exclusively in Mountain View. It has either a 5-inch 1080p or 5.5-inch Quad HD AMOLED display and a 12.3 megapixel camera that got the highest score of any phone on DxOMark, as well as unlimited cloud storage for photos and 4K videos. The specialized version of Android it runs supports the company's new Daydream VR headset, and unlike most 'droids, it will actually get future software updates on time. Available in silver, black, or blue.

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