Sierra Madre Nube Hammock Tent

Hammocks are great for catching some rest without dealing with the creatures on the forest floor. They're not so great at keeping you dry. That's where the Sierra Madre Nube Hammock Tent comes in. Unlike a simple tarp, it has an outer layer to protect you from rain, an insect shield to keep potentially dangerous bugs at bay, and a gear area that keeps your stuff off the ground. And while it was designed primarily to work with the company's own hammocks, it will work with pretty much any camping hammock around, and even has Closure Sleeves in the end to prevent water running down the suspension and into your cocoon.

  • Pioneer Airbow

    The power of a bow. The precision and convenience of a rifle. Whether you're hunting for food, taking aim at some paper targets, or ridding your property of pests, the Pioneer Airbow is ready. It's based on Benjamin's PCP platform, and uses 3,000 psi of compressed air to fire off as many as eight full-length arrows at a speedy 450 feet per second. It can be refilled via a hand pump or charging system, is paired with a CenterPoint 6x40 mm scope, can fire all eight shots in the time a crossbow takes to fire three, and uses an ambidextrous top cocking bolt for added safety. Arrows, sling, and quiver included.

  • Bolt Lightning Protective Tent

    While being hit by lightning is a rarity, many who are unfortunate enough to find themselves in lightning's path are hikers and campers. The Bolt Lightning Protective Tent aims to protect those unlucky souls with three brand new concept tents. Each is made of ultralight materials so they can be put up in a hurry and don't weigh you down too much during transport. And it not only protects from direct strikes, but also from step voltage, a most common way people are injured by lightning.

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