Silky BigBoy Saw

Silky BigBoy Saw

Get your overgrown yard in check with the Silky BigBoy Saw ($55). A whopping 14.2 inches in length, this multi-purpose folding saw features sharp teeth with four cutting angles down the length of the blade for smooth cutting of even the most challenging woods, a weight of one pound to keep your limbs from tiring, and a non-slip two-handed rubberized cushioned handle that won't wear down your soft, baby-like hands.

  • Black & Decker RapidRoller

    Add some color to your surroundings as part of your spring cleaning with the Black & Decker RapidRoller ($45). A rethinking of the traditional paint roller and tray, the RapidRoller features a handle that holds and dispenses paint right onto the three-position pivoting roller itself, letting you tackle hard-to-reach areas and corners with ease, an integrated spatter shield, and a kickstand to keep things clean when you decide it's time for a beer break.

  • Worx JawSaw

    The storms of spring often bring plenty of downed branches and trees in need of a quick trim, but if you're like us, the idea of getting out there with a full-bodied chainsaw sounds about as smart as juggling venomous snakes. Enter the Worx JawSaw ($120). Capable of handling limbs and shoots up to four inches wide, the JawSaw holds its prey inside its jaws, ensuring stability while keeping the six-inch chainsaw away from your fingers and toes, and its electric design makes it more eco-friendly than its gas-powered counterparts.

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