When you're looking for love, you can only hope to find someone you love as much as bacon. While Sizzl can't guarantee that, it can guarantee your match will love bacon as much as you do. This dating app for bacon lovers comes from the minds at Oscar Meyer, and promises to connect you with other like minded people. Each potential match shows you a profile picture, as well as how they like their bacon, whether they'd grab, offer up, or split the last piece of bacon on a date, and their location. Just hold down the sizzle button to indicate how much you like them, and if they like you back, you'll be notified so you can start chatting, share some bacon, and maybe even find you have more in common than an affinity for cured meats.

  • Recently

    Snapping great photos with your iPhone is easy. Getting those shots grouped and printed is not. Unless you're using Recently. This combination app and service automatically curates 100 of your most recent photos, then has you upload them once a month. When they're received, they're printed into a customized, high-quality 7" x 10" magazine with the date displayed prominently for easy sorting. You can use as few as 50 photos to make a magazine, or if you're a prolific shooter, use the simple editing tools to decide what goes in and what stays out. It's one of the easiest ways to get your latest photos in the palms of your hands.

  • Monument Valley

    Impeccably designed and hopelessly addicting, Monument Valley is the rare game that's both simple and surprisingly deep. Winner of multiple awards, this puzzler places you in a world of incredible isometric architecture, and has you guide a princess through the mazes by twisting, dragging, and otherwise tapping your way to safety. The visuals are stunning, but the audio is equally well-crafted, so be sure to throw on a pair of headphones before you begin.

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