Skapet Mountain Cabins

Built for use by members of Norway's Stavanger Tourism Association, these Skapet Mountain Cabins are far from luxury accommodations. In fact, they're far from most everything. They're self-catering, with visitors expected to leave money to cover their stay as they leave, replenish the supplies of food and firewood, and clean up after themselves. On-site buildings include a main lodge, sleeping cabins, a toilet, and a sauna, with wood heating in the lodge, cabins, and sauna, two gas stoves in the shared kitchen, and solar panels to power the lighting. With straightforward geometric metric forms clad in rolled zinc and interiors clad primarily in wood, they're an instantly identifiable oasis amongst their rocky surroundings.

Photos: Tonu Tunnel + Marius Dalseg / KOKO Architects

  • The Watergate Hotel

    Primarily known for its role in biggest political scandal in US history, The Watergate Hotel is looking to make a new name for itself, one synonymous with luxury instead of litigation. While Luigi Moretti's flowing, Potomac-inspired exterior remains, the hotel's 336 guest rooms and other interior spaces have been completely revamped with Ron Arad-designs; even the staff's uniforms have been spruced up by Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant. Off the lobby, you'll find the cleverly-named The Next Whisky Bar, which joins Kingbird restaurant and the rooftop lounge in rounding out the property's dining and drinking options. There's also plenty of meeting space, including the newly constructed Moretti Grand Ballroom, and its ideal location puts nearly all of DC's finest shopping, eating, and sightseeing nearby.

  • Ninja Turtle Lair

    Their digs have certainly improved since the animated show of our youth — Tribeca is way nicer than the sewer — but it only makes a night at the Ninja Turtle Lair that much better. Available for true fans only, this loft-like space has three bedrooms, two of which have bunkbeds for ninjas in training, and plenty of Turtle-approved features like a glow in the dark basketball court, a classic TMNT arcade game, a TV wall built from classic boomboxes, and, of course, free pizza delivery service. To win a stay, all you have to do is explain why you're worthy of spending a night at the home of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

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