Sometimes you just want the comfort of knowing that no matter what — post-apocalyptic undead hordes, floods on a biblical scale, stranded in the middle of a scorching desert — you can bug out and escape unscathed. The SkyRunner ($125,000) is the ultimate getaway vehicle, whether you're fleeing for your life, or just heading out into the unknown. It's part high-powered all-terrain vehicle, part fan-propelled paraglider, so there's really no obstacle too large to tackle. Powered by a one-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 125 horsepower and 147 lb-ft of torque, and weighing in at just under 1,000 pounds, this vehicle is capable of land speeds of up to 115 mph, and can reach 62 in just 4.3 seconds. Once you're moving, just open up the parasail and take to the skies, soaring comfortably at altitudes up to 15,000 feet. [Scouted by Doug]

  • Helios Bike Bars

    If you live in the city your bike can be a great way to get to and from work — you save money on gas while helping stay in shape — but there are plenty of hazards out there for bike commuters. The Helios Bike Bars ($200) make your two-wheeled transportation safer and smarter, thanks to built-in intelligent LEDs and GPS. The LEDs, including a powerful headlight and rear-facing indicators, light your path and signal to others your intended turning direction and speed. On-board GPS gives you turn-by-turn directions and lets you find your bike if it's lost or stolen. Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity lets you use your phone to control ambient lighting, navigation, and more. Choose from two versions, the bullhorn and the drop bar, both available in black and white.

  • Icon A5 Systems Layout Model

    Icon (purveyors of high-quality light sport aircraft) have released early details on the newest version of their A5, the Icon A5 Systems Layout Model ($189,000), and it looks incredible. These small, two-person aircraft are designed to go anywhere, enabling flight without all the hurdles of larger planes. They feature collapsable wings so they can be trailered around and easily stored, retractable landing gear enabling waterborne takeoff (if there's no pavement around), and sporty 100 horsepower pusher-prop engines. This new model, while still in the design phases, features a black vinyl that's interestingly printed with graphics that depict the internal location and layout of key structures and systems of the aircraft.

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