Sliced Bread Notebook

If you think the name refers to notebooks that look like slices of bread and arrive in "loaf" packaging, well, you'd be exactly correct. The 160-page Sliced Bread Notebook ($60/12-pack) arrives in packs of a dozen notebooks, each stacked together to resemble a loaf of sliced bread and individually numbered so that you can use one for each month, keep track of your notes, or simply continue your crazy routine of only touching things with the number eight on them.

  • Slice Box Cutter

    If you're anything like us, you'll be doing as much of your holiday shopping as possible online — and that means lots and lots of boxes. To get all of those open with minimal effort and permanent scarring, we suggest the Slice Box Cutter ($20). A 2011 red dot Design Award Winner, the Slice sports a hand-sharpened, retractable, adjustable-length ceramic blade with a rounded tip to safely and quickly cut through tape and cardboard — but hopefully not the contents — while the unique design ensures your hand stays out of the way. [Scouted by Jerry]

  • Field Notes Fire Spotter Notebook

    Our favorite notebooks just got a little more... fiery. Designed to serve as a companion for the diligent men and women who have kept watch of our forests for 100 years, the Field Notes Fire Spotter Notebook ($10/3-pack) features "Electric Red" construction cover stock, "FIRE SPOTTER" printed by hand on a vintage Miehle vertical press, three included temporary tattoos, and all-new light-gray "dot grid" interior pages, which may be worth the order all by themselves.

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