Slim Devices Transporter

Slim Devices Transporter

We've been fans of Slim Devices' Squeezebox for quite some time, so we were thrilled to hear about their new entry into the audiophile world. The Slim Devices Transporter ($2000) features everything a high-end listener could ask for in a digital box. It has an entire set of professional inputs and outputs, an AK4396 "Miracle DAC" that features low out-of-band noise and excellent accuracy at high frequencies, and "bit perfect" digital path that provides the most accurate and complete signals available. Plus, it looks great — something that's a must if you're planning on this baby sitting next to that new 60" you just bought.

  • Philips HTS9800 Home Theater System

    If you've been looking for a stylish, semi-wireless home theater system to match that shiny new plasma or LCD HDTV you just got, look no further. The Philips HTS9800 Home Theater System ($900) provides HDMI connectivity, along with 6.1 Dolby Digital Ex surround sound via three wired front speakers and three wireless rear speakers featuring neodymium ribbon tweeters, and a dedicated sub. The looks will draw you in, but the sound is what will make you stay.

  • BeoLab 5

    Although we're pretty happy with our simple, stylish Bose systems, there lives inside each of us — and probably a lot of our readers — the desire for ultra high-end speakers and theater setups. At the core of our current dream systems is the Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 5 ($16000 a pair). The speakers feature advanced Acoustic Lens Technology that allows for great sound, no matter where the speakers are placed in the room. Add to that Adaptive Bass Control, 2500 watts of internal power per speaker coming from ICEpower amps, and an absolutely gorgeous cabinet, and you have yourself on of the best-sounding, best-looking speakers money can buy.

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