Slingbox M1

Way before there was HBO Go, Watch ESPN, and the countless other apps that bring live TV to your pocket computer, there was Slingbox. And while there's only so many apps for so many channels, with the Slingbox M1, you can watch anything on your DVR — live or recorded — no matter where you are. Simply hook your current set-top box into the M1, connect it to Wi-Fi, and let it intercept the signal, sending your entertainment to wherever you are, in glorious 1080p quality. It doesn't matter if you're watching on a phone, tablet, computer, or even another TV — via a Roku or Apple TV — it has you covered.

  • Amazon Fire TV

    We love our Apple TVs. But we keep wondering why it doesn't play games. Apparently Amazon has been too, because its new Amazon Fire TV is a like a better Apple TV combined with a gaming machine. Powered by a beefy quad-core processor with a dedicated GPU and 2GB of memory, the Fire TV gives you access to your favorite media streaming services — including Netflix, Hulu, Watch ESPN, Pandora, and, of course, Prime Instant Video — as well as the ability to play games with a dedicated gaming controller. Oh, and it also offers voice search that keeps you from dealing with on-screen keyboards and Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 surround sound support. Your move, Cupertino.

  • Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector

    Usually, setting up a projector in your house involves measurements, mounts, and dedicated screens. Sony's out to change all that with the Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector ($30,000-$40,000). Unlike most projectors, this one is housed in a lengthy case that's worthy of display alongside the most upscale of furnishings, and uses a laser diode system to project a 4K Ultra High-Definition image up to 147-inches along any wall you set it up against. No installation, no fuss, just a huge, spectacular picture — for a spectacular amount of money.

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