Small Foot Inflatable Snowshoes

Traditional snowshoes are large. Like, really large — large enough to make you leave them at home or at your camp unless you're 100% sure you'll need them. With Small Foot Inflatable Snowshoes, you can keep them with you any time there's snow in the forecast or on the ground. Since they're inflatable, they collapse down into easy-to-carry bags when not in use, and weigh just under a kilo. In addition, they're designed to allow your boot to make solid contact with the surface beneath you, providing excellent traction with all the benefits of a floating support.

  • Surfboard Grooming Kit

    We know it's tough to think about anything beach-related in the dead of winter, but if you're lucky enough to live somewhere not covered in snow, or you have the means to escape it, then the Surfboard Grooming Kit ($129; limited edition of 25) might be right up your alley. So pack a bag, grab your board, and get it in good working order with this convenient little kit. Containing everything you need to care for your surfboard — including a Bronze and Brazilian Lapacho wax comb, a black cotton cloth, a bar of wax, and a bottle of methyl hydrate — this kit secures into its wooden carrying case, letting you take it anywhere you find a decent wave.

  • Carrera Foldable Snow Helmet

    You know how important it is to protect your head when you hit the slopes, but you also know how tough it can be to find space in your bag to pack a bulky helmet. All too often this means you leave it behind to make room for other gear. But with the Carrera Foldable Snow Helmet ($TBA) you don't need to sacrifice safety for the sake of packing light. This unique helmet is able to collapse down to small, portable pieces thanks to its flexible frame and foldable external components. Full surface ventilation, an elastic fitting system, fabric that wicks moisture away from the head, removable lining and ear pads make it as comfortable and warm as it is convenient. Available in a range of great-looking colorways, it's pictured in leather with a carbon fiber center panel.

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