Snolo Sled

This winter you won't need a non-caloric silicon-based kitchen lubricant to achieve sledding speeds in excess of 40 miles an hour — all you need is the Snolo Sled ($2,550). With a mono shell made entirely from carbon fibre, it features a contour-molded seating area perfect for your lower body, with a foam-padded seat and a back rest to keep you comfortable. With a single ski in the front, and two skis in the back (also made from carbon fibre), you can really fly down the hill, all while maintaining the maneuverability you would expect on a snowboard. Just be warned: this isn't your grandpa's sled, and at 40 mph, you could do some serious damage to your part.

  • Alite S.H. Sleeping Bag

    There are plenty of ways to keep warm on a chilly night of camping, but the Alite S.H. Sleeping Bag ($120) — even though it's rated to 20 degrees fahrenheit — was made with one particular method in mind. Designed to allow the sleeper to easily zip one or more bags together, these bags were made for you to have sex in (we'll just let you guess what the S.H. signifies). But, that's not all they're good for. In addition to the zippers on either side, these bags also feature a center crotch zipper, padded feet, and built-in fleece slippers so you can open them up at the legs and walk around while wearing them. Arm holes let you free your appendages up for a wide range of motion, while a drawstring hood lets you cinch things down tight.

  • Tinder On A Rope

    Never be stuck without a fire with Tinder On A Rope ($8). Made with all natural, high resin content Pino de Ocote fatwood pine, this stick measures roughly six inches long by one inch square, and promises to supply an extremely hot flame, with the ability to light even when wet. Simply scrape off enough to get your fire going, and keep the rest for the next time you need it — an action which is made easier thanks to the attached lanyard. If only all "On A Rope" products were this useful.

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