Snooz White Noise Machine

White noise can be hugely helpful when trying to fall and stay asleep. The Snooz White Noise Machine provides it. Thanks to a real fan hidden inside, it creates the sound of moving air naturally, letting you adjust it from the light noise of a table fan to the deep drone of an airplane. Its companion app allows you to set the volume or schedule an automatic shutoff right from your phone. It's just 2.5" tall, so it's easy to pack along wherever you go, and it's available in two hues to match most decors.

  • Mastercard Biometric Credit Card

    Chip cards make our day-to-day transactions more secure. They also make them more frustrating. The Mastercard Biometric Credit Card aims to be even more secure than its predecessors, and much easier to use. By embedding a fingerprint sensor on the end of the card opposite the chip, it lets the terminal authenticate the sale almost instantly, with no need to ever take your hand off the card or for new merchant hardware. The tech is currently testing in South Africa, with tests planned for Europe and Asia in the coming months.

  • River Mobile Power Station

    Admit it; you need your electronic devices charged up at all times and kind of freak out when you aren't near a charging option for more than a few hours. The River Mobile Power Station will not only put your fears to rest, but can take care everyone in your group as well. The River will let you charge up to 11 devices simultaneously thanks to its total output of 500 watts — which is double the power of anything on the market. You can even utilize the four quick-charge ports which charge devices twice as fast as standard ports. It's lightweight and easy to transport, and when it needs a charge itself, use a standard outlet or car charger, and in 8 hours it's ready to work — for a full year. Load it up on your next road trip, camping excursion, or day at the beach or keep it nearby for emergencies at home.

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